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Installation Procedures

Installation Procedures for Inspection Point Seals’ Inspection Ports

Our literature packet has a 5 step visual presentation of these procedures.

  1. Using a properly sized hole saw, cut through the jacketing. Be careful to not hit the underlying piping with the hole saw or its’ pilot bit.
  2. Use your insulation knife to remove the insulation plug. Cope out the insulation right under the jacketing slightly so the locking ridge on the inspection port can grab the underside of the jacketing, then clean the hole of loose debris.
  3. Insert the sealing flange, making sure it snaps firmly in place. On non-corrugated jacketing, the jacketing will fit between the large outer flange portion and the first locking ring. Corrugated jacketing fits between the two locking ridges on the flange. This is demonstrated on the web site and on printed literature.
  4. Install the ThermoDisc insulation plug or other insulation appropriate to the system (if it is intact, you may reinstall the insulation disc you cut out in step one).  Hot systems can use the ThermoDisc, a plug of Fiberglass Matt, or ceramic fiber blanket or bulk.  Cold systems should use appropriate closed cell foam type insulation.  This is important to preserve the insulation value of the system.
  5. Fully insert the cap into the flange. Note: If using the aluminum lock down ring, place the lock down ring over the flange and then insert the cap over the lock down ring into the flange and screw down the aluminum lock down ring.

Note: Where hot work is not allowed, you may use tin snips to cut the hole in the jacketing. In this case, you may use caulk between the jacketing and the inspection port flange to fill any gaps and ensure a water tight seal, then use screws to attach our aluminum lock down ring.


install-1.png install-2.png install-3.png
Step 1: Cut hole with hole saw Step 2: Remove insulation Step 3: Insert sealing flange
install-4.png install-5.png install-6.jpg
Step 4: Install insulation Step 5 (no lock ring): Insert cap. Step 5 (with lock ring): Install lock ring,
insert cap, screw down